Digital Conference System

Digital Hand-in-Hand Conference System DH-8500In line with IEC60914, GBT15381-94 international standardsUsing digital technology as the core, built-in high performance CPU, support discussion and vide

Digital Hand-in-Hand Conference System DH-8500

In line with IEC60914, GBT15381-94 international standards

Using digital technology as the core, built-in high performance CPU, support discussion and video tracking functions

Audio signal is processed by 32bit high-speed floating point DSP, with a bandwidth of 20Hz~20KHz and perfect clear sound quality

High performance switching power supply, long distance transmission will not have any impact on sound quality

Anti - jamming circuit design, eliminate all interference of mobile phone signal

With 2.8 inch LCD screen, independent key operation

Support USB recording, high fidelity WAV format output

Four microphone connection, each support 30 units, can be connected to 120 units, 12 chairman units

Support cascading, convenient for multiple systems to use at the same time, common management

With S terminal and 5P terminal interface, connect to SD or HD camera, support SONY VISCA, EVI HD, PELCO P/D, BRC300 communication protocol

Built-in 6-in-2-out (RCA interface) video player, up to 6 SD cameras can be connected

With video switching RS-232 communication interface, can connect to the HD video switcher

With an alarm signal input interface, when the public broadcast alarm system is started, the meeting can be automatically suspended and the alarm information can be sent to the participating units

With central control code RS-232 interface, can be connected to the central control system

Multichannel audio input/output interface, can be connected to amplify or recording equipment

Host and computer can connect and communicate through TCP/IP network or USB local way, and use PC software to set up the system. Can also do not need a computer directly on the host system Settings, support online update code

With a variety of meeting modes: FIFO (FIFO), LIFO (LIFO), FREE (full open mode), Apply (application mode), C-only (chair mode)

You can set the number of speeches, automatic closing, limited time closing, voice control speech and other functions

It can be installed on 19-inch standard cabinet. Easy to store and custody The host power supply AC110V - 220 - v / 50 hz

Frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio > 96dBA

Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%

Recording interface USB interface

Microphone unit interface round head DIN-8 socket interface X4

Stage connector round head DIN-8 socket interface X2

Central control connection port 232 serial port X1

Video switching communication interface 232 serial port X1

Camera control connector S terminal 5P terminal

Computer interface USB interface X1 RJ45 network port X1

Video switching interface RCA (Lotus socket) 6x2

Audio input RCA (Lotus socket) X2 6.3mm socket X1 (alarm audio)

Audio output RCA (Lotus socket) X2 6.3mm socket X1

XLR Carnon socket X1

External dimension (L×W×H) 483×323×90mm

Color gray black

Installation method 19 inch standard cabinet


Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00