Digital programming PC

Remote control Digital programming PC VS-3303Adopt light touch button and one-button flying shuttle operation, 192x64 large LCD display, full Chinese and graphics operation menu, easy to operate;With

Remote control Digital programming PC VS-3303

Adopt light touch button and one-button flying shuttle operation, 192x64 large LCD display, full Chinese and graphics operation menu, easy to operate;

With 5 in and 10 out power partition, each partition is provided with an independent shortcut control key, automatic or manual programming partition broadcast, can be extended to 138 channels;

Built-in 6 programming controlled power supply, each power supply is equipped with an independent shortcut key, automatic or manual programming control, can expand the external control power sequence;

Built-in MP3 player, using U disk or SD as storage medium; Can expand the storage capacity of unlimited, can expand the external audio source controlled DVD/ radio to 10 sets of audio sources at the same time;

There are four sets of timing plan for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each set of timing plan has 99 timing points, and it runs repeatedly on a weekly basis. Each timing point can control the selection of audio sources, internal MP3, external 9 kinds of peripheral audio sources (CD, tuner, card holder, DVD player),4 sets of timing scheme can be easily switched;

Realize fire linkage, automatic identification of the alarm area, activate the alarm system immediately, according to the partition or group corresponding to the fire trigger point set by the user to make any kind of custom alarm, alarm reset into the normal broadcast;

It can be connected with the wireless remote control receiver, the remote control presets 12 programmable keys, which can be customized with one key to open/close the partition, select the audio source, select the music, etc., to achieve power management, partition control, MP3 player and other functions, the remote control distance (open space) can reach 1000 meters.

Multiple remote paging microphones can be cascaded at the same time to achieve remote sub-control and remote paging functions; Through the remote paging microphone to achieve the control of the region, the whole region, power supply, sound source, and realize the remote paging, notification, transactional broadcasting;

Multi-support RS232 computer interface, all functions are directly controlled by the computer; The computer to the host programming, preparation, and then download to the host, the host offline operation, tedious programming becomes simple and convenient;

Power outage automatic protection, all editing program content is not lost, call automatically resume operation; The computer updates the host time so that the host time is in sync with the computer time. simultaneously control the surrounding 8 controlled radio powerful partition, power supply, audio source selection, to meet different customer requirements, as well as control all our peripheral equipment.

9, powerful music playback function, support MPEG 1/2 Layer 3, WMA, WAV, OGG and other audio formats, support standard 128Kbps -320Kbps MP3 file

10, powerful media library function, users can flexibly manage their own music files according to their own personality needs

11, powerful sound processing function, support 3D, heavy bass, Microsoft sound and other sound functions

12, HIFI audio decoding performance, high-definition sound quality is comparable to professional CD

13, support high-definition MIC recording, LINE IN recording, FM recording

14, built-in high definition FM radio, and support FM program recording, can be arbitrarily selected FM radio program recording

15, can support computer online editing timing program, automatic power supply, broadcast partition management

16, powerful alarm function, with a variety of alarm music, can be partition alarm, the whole area alarm


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