​Main and Back-up Amplifier Detection Switcher

​Main and Back-up Amplifier Detection Switcher

Lightning arrester VS - 2200Functional features1. High-grade aluminum 2U black sandblasting panel, beautiful and generous;2. Four input, four output (70V/100V audio signal);3. The output will be autom

Main and Back-up Amplifier Detection Switcher VS-2320

4 main and standby power amplifier fault detection automatic arbitrary switch, LED working status display

It can automatically detect the fault of audio frequency power amplifier and realize automatic switch between "main power amplifier" and "standby power amplifier"

With 4 identical independent channels, each channel can complete the main/standby power amplifier automatic detection and switch

With the function of manual main/standby switch, microcomputer control

Ensure that the broadcast system will not be due to the main power amplifier failure when the loudspeaker no sound output

From fault detection to automatic switching, it is fully automatic and unattended, which is suitable for places requiring higher stability

Machine size: 485*370*88mm


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