Library Project case

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The master device

The control center of networked public broadcasting is located in the fire control room or weak current general machine room of the project, which is mainly equipped with system server, CD player, tuner, listening speaker, network fire alarm, broadcast microphone and power timing device. The system server mainly carries on the broadcasting paging control, the background music playing control to the whole system, supports the broadcasting system data and the audio transmission, supports the partition timing playback, the terminal on demand, the temporary plug, the fire emergency broadcast and other system server functions; At the same time provide high quality background music. The system is truly advanced and extensible, scientific and normative, security and reliability. The wiring of the whole system is simple and gets rid of the tedious construction of traditional broadcasting.

Control equipment

A network paging platform can be set up in the management front desk on the first floor of the library/in the backstage management personnel. The administrator does not need to go to the computer room to issue emergency notices, but can carry out urgent notices and important speeches such as meetings for any partition, whole region and any combination of partitions through the network paging platform in his office. It breaks the tradition that the administrator must go to the main computer room to publish information to the partition. Separate control software can be installed on a desktop computer or laptop computer to edit the timing points of each area, playing music, fire information and other tasks.

Background music in public areas

The library environment is very quiet. Generally, the ceiling speakers of 3W-6W are selected, which not only meets the national standards, but also meets the public aesthetics. The first floor space of the library is vast, so it will be considered to install the volume controller of the strong cutting sound controller in each door, which is convenient to adjust the volume at any time, and also makes the design reasonable. When there is an emergency fire signal, the strong cutting signal will automatically enter the alarm state to inform the personnel to evacuate quickly and protect the safety of life and property. Sound boxes can be arranged in the library exhibition hall to play background music or important information, creating a relaxed and pleasant environment. Behind the host is generally the decoder connection preamplifier, pure post-level power amplifier, combined power amplifier, or network power amplifier, speakers, etc. Amplifier power is calculated according to horn power *1.5.


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